DAEMON Tools tutorial~

Hello everyone! This is the very easy tutorial about DAEMON Tools it’s complete with screenshots. In this tutorial, I used DAEMON Tools Lite for starrysky. DAEMON that’s free to download. If you don’t have it yet, please download  it. Don’t worry, it’s not that big of a file! > http://www.daemon-tools.cc/eng/products/dtLite (please keep in mind that this tutorial is from sasuga sugoi please follow her blog> http://sasugasugoi.blogspot.com.au/ 





● Upon downloading DAEMON, double-click the setup and a setup wizard will appear.   Install it.

● After installing, open DAEMON Tools Lite. On the left corner, there is an icon of a disc with a green plus sign. Click it to add an image.
Let me clear one misconception from an anonymous I’ve come across on one site. You DO NOT have to burn the ISO file upon adding the image. DAEMON plays the image file as if you put a disc in your DVD Drive.
●  A window will open and select the ISO file of the image you want to mount. In this case, I used the ISO file of the Otome game Starry Sky ~in Spring~ (great visual novel, by the way).
● DAEMON will add the file to the “Image Catalog”. Click the green ‘play’ sign to mount it. Usually, the mounted image will Autoplay but in certain cases it didn’t, open “My Computer” and you will see it in the DVD Drive.
please give the credit to  http://sasugasugoi.blogspot.com.au/because i didn’t create the printscreens pleas follow this persons blog 

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